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Born Feb. 12, 1738 at Camargo, Tamaulipas-MEXICO, Parents: Francisco Garcia and Maria Vela.

(Porcion 78-Camargo, 5756 acres located at Rio Grande City, Texas) with abstract number at the General Land Office: 82, where he also appears as owner of porciones 90, 91, 92 and 93, with 6247, 5791, 4428 and 7971 acres respectively.
He was married first time to: Maria Garcia.
Only child was: Alejandro Garcia. (Who married: Maria manuela Flores). Parents of Maria Manuela Flores Salinas were: Jose Antonio Flores and Isabel Salinas, Children of Alejandro and Maria Manuela were: Sanjuana, Gertrudis, Maxima and Francisca.


Diego Garcia was also married to Maria Jacoba Vela, Parents of Maria Jacoba Vela: (Born 1747) Cristobal Vela and Juana de Villarreal. Brothers and sisters of Maria Jacoba Vela Villarreal: Jose Manuel (Born 1742), Maria (Born: 1743), Joseph Julian (Born 1748) and Joseph Basilio (Born 1749)

Children of Diego Garcia were:
1- Jose Gaspar Garcia, born on Jan-21-1768, married to: Maria Gertrudis de la Garza Barrera.
2- Maria Francisca Garcia, married to: Juan Angel de la Garza on Feb-24-1791, Children were: Gertrudis, Josefa, Maria del Refugio, Andrea, Juliana, Antonio, Maria Petra and Jose Luis.
She was also married to: Lucas Eduardo de Villarreal on Mar-08-1811.
Lucas Eduardo had porcion # 10-Camargo, granted in 1767, but this land was not claimable because it is located on the Mexican side.
3-Antonio Garcia, Porcion 65-Mier with 1592 acres, registered at the General Land Office in Austin, Tx. with the abstract number: 327, he also had Rancho "El Tule" in Brooks county, with 10839 acres granted in 1836. NOTE: This is an unnumbered porcion with abstract number: 220 but it is valid, finally, he had porcion 1082, abstract number: 1218 in Webb County.
He was married to: Maria Rita Flores, Children: Aniceto Garcia Flores.
4-Joaquin Garcia, Porcion 62-Mier with 2656 acres granted in 1767. Abstract number: 328 at the GLO in Austin, Tx. , he also bought porcion 64-Mier with 1402 acres and abstract number: 290. (Starr County), finally, he had porcion 19, abstract number: 47, 5318 acres located at Webb County. He was married to: Ignacia Gomez, Children were: Jose Antonio Garcia, Joaquin also had porcion # 19-Laredo (Webb County) with 5318 acres, granted in the year of 1767.
He also married to: Petra Izaguirre.
5-Jose Maria Garcia, born on Feb-05-1775, he appears as owner of porcion 63-Mier, Abstract number: 329 granted in 1767 with 1,699 acres located in Starr County.. Besides, he owned Rancho "La Vaca" in Jim Wells County, (Unnumbered porcion) with 22142 acres granted in 1836, he also appears as assignee of Rancho "La Mesteña and Gonzaleña" in Brooks County, with 22142 acres granted in 1835, In Webb County he had porcion 786 with abstract number: 2596, porcion 786 with abstract number: 1956, porcion 720 with abstract number: 2597, and also porcion 1100 with abstract number: 2332.
6-Ygnacio Garcia, was married to: Francisca Treviño in Apr-11-1790.
7-Hermenegilda Garcia, She died on Nov-27-1786 in Camargo, Tamaulipas-MEXICO.
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